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Tilburg is definitely a great place to live in. There are numerous students and for that reason, there are also various events! Living here is quite affordable, and it is easy to find accommodation. Their cuisine includes Italian, Turkish, Chinese and Greek food, but there are also the typical Dutch meals.

If you visit Tilburg, we recommend going to Stappegoor. It is a refreshing pool where numerous students often come, an excellent way to meet people and find out more about their hobbies and daily life. It would be fun to visit Vidar, a famous club with big parties. The perfect combination would be to bring one of our stunning Tilburg escorts at that party.

You can take a walk in the park, and chill. A boat tour on the canal will be a smart move especially if a beautiful lady accompanies you. Here you'll find a wide diversity regarding restaurants and cuisines, prices, and atmosphere. Tilburg's Nightlife is great. Plenty of places to have fun in, sweet spots to dance the night away, and so many students.


Tilburg is vibrant, enterprising, full of fantastic initiatives. It is a pleasant city to reside and live in, a green city that worths visiting. The atmosphere in Tilburg is young, quirky, and slightly diverse because its principal inhabitants are the students. You will find here the Tilburg University and six art schools right in the center of the city. Students are trained here as dancers, stone musicians, even as musical stars.

The various theaters and venues, such as 013 offer them the possibility to showcase their talents to a broad public. So if you are looking for a cultural night, Tilburg is a good choice. The town, of course, has much more to offer. An extensive range of shops, with astonishing boutiques in the Wander Area.You can visit internationally renowned museums, and additionally wander round the Railway Zone, the train station that is an old area saturated in industrial buildings.

Tilburg has, like any other city in the Netherlands, many terraces, restaurants, nightlife venues and escorts in Tilburg that will leave you drooling. A known fact is that people in Tilburg like to have fun. And the escort Tilburg girls are wild! In a very great way. That is why there are so many festivals all around the year, held in the city center. Some of them are the Gypsy Festival, Tilburg Ten Miles, Incubate, Roadburn, Festival, Mundial or the Tilburg Fair.

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What else should you know about Tilburg?

This is the sixth largest town in the Netherlands. It has a great theater plus one of the Netherlands’ better concert halls.


Our escorts in Tilburg will show you the best places in town regarding music and dancing, food, theater, live concerts, shopping. With thousands of international students, you can clearly imagine that this is a Mecca for foodies and gourmets.

You can choose to sip margaritas at siesta time alongside the hottest escort Tilburg models while watching the people who pass by in a hurry, engage in stimulating conversations and give passion a different meaning later on when you end this journey upstairs, in your hotel room. In comparison to other European cities, in Tilburg, the typical tourist traps are relatively rare.

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Pubs and restaurants organize large-scale events, with renowned DJs and various themes. Tilburg's history is fascinating as well. King Willem II has been particularly excited about this place, saying that "here I'm able to breathe easily, and I feel delighted." Accordingly, the city’s local soccer club is named King Willem II Tilburg. The city center is filled with restaurants, stores, hotels and cafés. If you feel like watching a movie, you should go to the Pieter Vreedeplein.

Attracted to arts and history?

In Tilburg, you'll find several museums, and you'll be able to explore everything from Modern Art to natural history. Tilburg hosts many festivals throughout every season. The city’s funfair is also the biggest in the Benelux region and runs for ten days every July, and there is also an exclusive gay-oriented time, Roze Maandag or Pink Monday. Tilburg is one of Netherlands fascinating cities. Our escort Tilburg girls know all the essential factors that will turn your trip from dull to mesmerizing

Why travel with a companion?

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