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Situated at just 14 minutes west of Amsterdam by train, Haarlem is a large town that merits a full day-trip, specially when you think about all the gorgeous Haarlem escorts waiting there for you. The suburbs of Amsterdam virtually merge into the outskirts of its neighbor, but Haarlem is small and manageable. Its many places of interest all lie close to the imposing Grote Kerk. This church, dedicated to St. Bavo, is the city's biggest landmark and was constructed during the 15th and 16th centuries. Inside, a magnificent vaulted cedar ceiling is supported by 28 columns. Equally grand is the famous Muller organ, with none less than 5000 pipes, said to have been played by Handel and Mozart. Frans Hals is buried here as it also is Laurens Coster.

Haarlemmers claim that Coster was the coinventor, with Gutenberg, of printing in 1423. Outside, at the eastern end of the church, a statue of Coster plays another tribute to the man.

When it comes to outstanding artists, top of the list for many visitors is the Frans Hals Museum. Frans Hals, one of the great Dutch portrait artists, lived most of his life in Haarlem and died here in 1666. He became a specialist in the group portraits commissioned by bodies such as civic guards and militia companies, arranging the subjects so that they each played an equally important role in the finished work. He also painted individual portraits. Many of his works, including The Laughing Cavalier in London’s Wallace Collection and The Merry Drinker in Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, are world-famous.

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