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The city is situated twenty kilometers southeast of Amsterdam and twenty kilometers north of Utrecht, surrounded by woods, lakes, and smaller quaint villages. Other significant methods to get entertained are music, games and gorgeous Hilversum courtesans. Hilversum also plays a vital role in the business area. It hosts to a large quantity of companies that have European headquarters in the area. Such businesses include the kind of Nike, Spil Games, Hunkemoller and International Flavor and Fragrances. As soon as you begin exploring and delve deeper into the town, you see a delightful mix of modern a traditional Dutch living.

If you feel like shopping, Hilversum has six shopping centers just to satisfy the most pretentious travelers. Though, shopping alone can get very boring, so you should go with a superb Hilversum model. You can explore your retail craving, and you'll find a great variety of high street retail and boutique shops. Hilversum is considered to be one of the largest shopping centers in the Netherlands. It came in 3rd for the most attractive shopping location. The numerous bars and restaurants will tickle your senses. Not to mention the gorgeous Hilversum escorts...

It is the place where many International cuisines are readily available. On the other side, if you're in search for a little more peaceful time, you can choose to take a walk together with your companion around the lakes and green areas. The call girls in Hilversum will accompany you. The range of activities is hugely diverse, but we don't recommend spending this time here all alone. Of course, it goes without stating that there are lots of sports groups available to join as well as a golf course, swimming pools, and numerous gyms.


With many nightclubs, a cabaret, bars, pubs and cafes, this town is an attractive city for those who like to party a lot. Another remarkable attraction in Hilversum is the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision. Its exterior looks fantastic, while the inside hosts a historical masterpiece, keeping a record of all the existing Dutch TV productions and radio broadcasts.

The center of Hilversum is remarkable as well, especially in its architecture. The city’s architect, Willem Marinus Dudok, did incredible things for Hilversum. Probably one of the most famous structures which can be viewed is the City Hall or the Raadhuis. In Hilversum, you can spot extremely quickly a broad range of houses, from the modern ones to the grand historical villas. We hope we raised your interest into what this great location has to offer.


The JT Bioscoop Hilversum is the cinema that will make you want to forget about iMax. The colors are incredibly vibrant the sound is fantastic, and it appears that the blacks are also impressive. Join a friendly atmosphere at the Filmtheater Hilversum. It might be a small movie theater, entirely run by volunteers but it will be a great way to have spent some quality time. Landgoed Zonnestraal, as well as Museum Hilversum, should both be on your to-do list. You can take a walk in Pinetum Blijdenstein, the botanical garden that hosts one of the complete collections of conifers in the world.

When you decide to visit Hilversum, take the time to explore the city both by foot and bike since it has so many options for you. This town is considered to be one of the most famous cities in the Netherlands. The people are beautiful, and the location itself is a complex combination of different cultural and spiritual backgrounds.

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